Add UWonTap on SnapChat for the best bar deals in Madison this weekend

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 11.35.50 AMThere’s been about a hundred different apps and websites that have tried to be the go-to place for bar specials in Madison, but none of em have ever really caught on. It’s annoying to download another app, you never think to actually look it up, they eat up your battery/storage, and a lot of times the deals are out of date.

So here’s the solution – Add UWonTap on SnapChat, and you’ll have all the best bar specials/deals in the city on an app that you already have. They don’t send out annoying ads or SnapChat you individually, they just set a story that shows each bar and whatever specials they’re running that night.

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Obviously it’s 100% free, the specials are current because they’re added new each day, and it’s as easy as adding one of your friends on SnapChat. Plus, they run exclusive deals for stuff like $1 drinks or “skip the line” specials if you’re following UWonTap. It’s free, it’s easy, and it’s a no-brainer if you’re ever looking to get drink deals in Madison.


Badgers handle Minnesota for 11th win in 12 games

Just a few days after half the Minnesota basketball program left the team to pursue their amateur film careers, the Badgers went into The Barn and got a 62-49 win against Richard Pitino’s undermanned roster. Bronson led the way once again with 14 on an efficient 5-7 shooting night, and he also dished out 6 assists. He’s struggled at times this year, but if he can find the game he was playing last season for the next month, Wisconsin becomes a much more dangerous team.

Vitto Brown and Ethan Happ also threw in 12 apiece, on a night when Nigel just couldn’t get anything going offensively – He scored 1 bucket from the field and finished with 6, but he did grab 7 boards. Khalil Iverson gave good minutes off the bench again, going 3-4 for 6 points and another double clutch dunk…

Jordan Hill contributed with a couple nice moves as well, finishing with 4 points in 14 minutes.

Minnesota has obviously struggled this year and they were one of the worst teams in the Big Ten even before suspending 3 starters, but it’s still never easy for the Badgers to go there and win. No matter what the gap is between those two teams, it always seems to be a close game down the stretch – But this one was never in doubt, so good on Greg Gard & Co. to take care of business in a tough place to play.

The last game on the regular season schedule is Sunday at #15 Purdue, who beat us by 6 at the Kohl Center right before the New Year because we couldn’t stop AJ Hammons. He’s a monster down low who we’ll have to contain if we’re gonna win that game, but if we can find a way to pull that out, somehow we’ll be looking at the #2 seed in the Big Ten Tournament in a season that looked like it could be a total wash not that long ago.


Julius Peppers announces his return to the Packers

(Journal Sentinel) There never was any indication outside linebacker Julius Peppers wouldn’t play out the final year of his three-year contract, only a statement from the Green Bay Packers he would do as he always does and wait before committing. So it came as no surprise Wednesday when he said he definitely would be back. One of 33 current and former NFL players in Detroit to take part in the league’s inaugural NFL Business Academy, Peppers told the Detroit Free Press he had every intention of returning in 2016. It’s the first time Peppers, 36, has said definitively that he’ll be back for a 15th season, but last week at the NFL scouting combine, coach Mike McCarthy made it seem like it was a foregone conclusion. Peppers said he didn’t think his answer at the end of the year should have led anybody to believe he was going to retire. He said he gave the kind of answer every player has to make on a yearly basis.

I’m not too sure why everyone was on the fence about Peppers returning next season.  I suppose media just takes things and runs with them when someone needs space after a heartbreaking loss.  Sure, the man is 36 years old, but Peppers led our defense in sacks and had two forced fumbles last year.  Dude has always been considered a freak and it shouldn’t come as a surprise if he gets another contract after next season.  If you really think about it, a lot of his tackles are on the softest position in the game, or on a RB before he’s picked up a lot of momentum.  I think if he really wanted too, Peppers could play two more years at least.

Renegotiating his contract is an option, but we don’t want him to jump ship.  A $10M cap hit for a veteran, high caliber, pass rusher isn’t even that bad.  We’ll still have around $19M of cap left after resigning Crosby, plenty of cash for us to resign who we need and even sign an outsider.  So let the man get his money!  He’s only one of the greatest pass rushers of all time and a guaranteed Hall of Famer.  In the meantime, the cash will motivate him to get that ring he’s been coveting for so long, and show him that he made the right decision coming to Titletown for the twilight of his career. It’s a good thing for both sides.


Merrill man waterboards his girlfriend to interrogate her about cheating on him

JS: A Merrill man is accused of waterboarding his girlfriend after he suspected she was cheating on him. A criminal complaint charges 22-year-old Dylan VanCamp with six felonies and three misdemeanors, including suffocation and stalking. Prosecutors say VanCamp covered the woman’s mouth with a washcloth and dumped water on her face in order to get her to talk about another man. The alleged incidents happened in June and November 2015. WAOW-TV reports the woman told investigators she had a hard time breathing and felt as if she was drowning. She eventually went to authorities with her abuse allegations.

I don’t know what that haircut’s called that Dylan VanCamp has in that mugshot, but I know that if you’re a girl who willingly dates somebody with the sides of his head completely shaved but still shaggy on top, you’ve gotta know there’s a chance you’ll get waterboarded. I’m not giving the guy an excuse or saying it was ok, I’m just saying she should’ve realized it was a possibility that the guy who straight razors his scalp may not be mature and reasonable when his relationship has a rough patch.

But if you’re a guy who’s been cheated on, why would you even want to waterboard the girl to get all the details? I just don’t see why you’d go through torturing somebody just to get information that you probably don’t really even want to hear in the first place. Best case she ends up telling you all about how she cheated on you, worst case you end up with a mugshot on every news station in the state. That’s a lose-lose.


Badgers help Tournament chances with road win at #8 Iowa

Bronson led the way with 15 points on 4-6 shooting from 3, Nigel added 10 in a game-high 38 minutes, and the Badgers got 23 points off the bench en route to handing Iowa their first home loss of the season last night. The loss is the 3rd in 4 games for Fran McCaffrey’s team, and it capped off Jarrod Uthoff’s illustrious 0-5 career against the Badgers.

Khalil Iverson was the unexpected bright spot, scoring 9 points in a solid 20 minutes. He also had 3 boards, 3 assists, a steal, and a block, plus the best dunk I can remember in recent Badger basketball history (not that that’s saying all that much).

The win was Wisconsin’s 9th in 10 games, which brings us into a tie with Michigan State for 4th place in the Big Ten. More importantly, it should be the win that sends the Badgers dancing for the 18th straight season, and it should also be the win that removes Greg Gard’s interim tag. It was the 3rd win against a top 10 team since Gard took over, and it was the first time Wisconsin has notched multiple top 10 wins on the road since 1955. It also got just about every voice in college basketball sending a message to Barry Alvarez…

This team is hitting its stride at the right time, and there’s no better year to be a low seed with hopes of making a run in the Tournament. #inGardWItrust


Badgers come back from late 12-point deficit to beat Illinois

A 17-0 run late in the second half proved to be the difference maker as the Badgers fought back from 12 points down to take a 69-60 win from Illinois at the Kohl Center last night. Ethan Happ led the way with 20 and 12 boards, Nigel had 17, 3 boards, and 2 assists, and Bronson pitched in 14 with 5 boards and 2 assists. This was a game where the usual suspects stepped up down the stretch when they needed to, but bench production once again showed to be the glaring hole, with 4 reserves combining for 2 points, 3 rebounds, and 2 assists while all 5 starters played over 30 minutes.

There was nothing pretty about it, but this was a much needed win for a team that can’t afford any more bad losses. Illinois only has 4 conference wins on the year, and letting them come into the Kohl Center and get a win would not have been a good look for a bubble team that’s already let Western Illinois, Milwaukee, and Marquette do that same thing. This isn’t by any means a marquee win like an Indiana or a Michigan State, but it’s still one Wisconsin had to have at this point in the season. Now they’ve won 8 of their last 9 going into Wednesday at #4 Iowa, the biggest game on the schedule to this point.

If the Badgers can go into Carver-Hawkeye and get a win it should all but guarantee a spot in the Tournament, but I don’t think a loss breaks them anymore. Even if we can’t get another big time win this week, we could still end up a 20-win team in the regular season, which seemed impossible not that long ago. From this point out if they take care of the games they’re supposed to and win a game in the Big Ten Tournament too, the Badgers should be dancing for the 18th year in a row. That being said, all 4 games left will most likely be gutter wars – Iowa is a top 5 team, Michigan is another bubble team that will need a big win, we never play well at Minnesota, and nothing will be easy about going to #17 Purdue. Buckle up.


Wisconsin’s winning streak comes to an end at Michigan State Donald Trump will be on display at the top of State Street for the next few days, unless he melts or gets vandalized first. Award-winning snow sculpture artist David Andrews carved the Republican presidential front-runner and media sensation out of snow this weekend as part of the Madison Winter Festival, now in its 12th year.

It’s been over a decade since Wisconsin last went into the Breslin Center and won, and that trend didn’t end last night. The Badgers dug themselves an early 14-3 hole in the first 6 minutes, Nigel couldn’t hit a shot, and Denzel Valentine and Bryn Forbes were both unstoppable on their way to a 69-57 win that was never even as close as the final score looked. Other than that, there’s not a whole lot to say about it. Michigan State dominated from start to finish, as they probably should have. They’re a team that will have  shot to cut down the nets in April, and we’re just fighting to get in.

I think the general consensus going into this game was that it would be one the Badgers couldn’t get after knocking off MSU at home a month ago, and the good news is that it shouldn’t really cost us anything. At this point the goal is to make the Tournament, and losing to the #8 team in the country on the road won’t be a deal breaker. It probably would’ve made us a shoe-in had we pulled out a win, but last night they were just flat out the better team all around. We’ll still get one more shot at a big time team in #4 Iowa, and we still have more winnable games on the schedule. As long as we win 3 of the last 5 in the regular season and knock somebody off in the B1G Tournament, we should be dancing.


5’5″ high schooler from Milwaukee Riverside throws down sick tomahawk dunk

When I first saw that headline I really thought the 5’5″ dunker from Riverside named Melvin Lee would be a white guy.


Madison man wins legal battle to wear spaghetti strainer in his driver’s license photo

TMJ: A Madison man has won the right to wear a spaghetti strainer on his head in his driver’s license photo. The Department of Transportation has instructed all DMV offices to recognize colanders as religious headwear after receiving a letter from the man’s lawyer. Derek Allen says his client is a Pastafarian and was denied his religious right as a member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, first established in 2005. “If you just hear about it in passing it sounds silly – someone wants to wear a spaghetti strainer in their driver’s license,” Allen says. “It’s easy to brush off as something silly but I think the principal behind it is an important one.”

I don’t know how to solve all the problems in this world, but I know that this is one of em – We’ve gotten to the point where everybody and every belief and every lifestyle has to be so universally accepted that people can whine their way into wearing spaghetti strainers on their head in driver’s license pictures. We’re so worried about being politically correct and not offending anyone that the government can’t even tell this guy that he’s an idiot, because then they’ll be facing a lawsuit. I agree that black lives matter and I think gay marriage should be recognized everywhere, but I draw the line at the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

On the flip side, if this is gonna be legal now, I might have to think about wearing a spaghetti strainer on my head too. My license expires within the next year so I’m gonna need to get a new one soon, and any regular ugly person knows that the DMV is always gonna take the worst possible picture. At least a dish on my head would be distracting.


Happy Valentine’s Day from Brendan Dassey

Obviously I’d never say that I wanna switch spots with somebody who’s in prison because I wouldn’t in a million years, but at the same time it’s gotta be pretty awesome for Brendan and Stevie that they’ve got fans all around the country now. Again, it’s probably not worth it to live in a room with 4 walls for the rest of your life, but if a typical guy posts a really awkward photo saying Happy Valentine’s Day, they don’t get 460 likes and 138 people responding with love notes of their own. That’s a social media power that only a rape/murder conviction can buy.

PS – Don’t think I’ve stopped being suspicious of you and that mustache, Scott Tadych.