Sporting News: The question in play: Is Hank the Ballpark Pup really an imposter, or is he the same dog Milwaukee has used as its mascot since March 2014? Last week, posted an article suggesting the original pup the Brewers used has been replaced. As the Brew Crew Ball article says, “The coloring in the face and the ears is all wrong, the face isn’t shaped the same way, and his ears don’t lay in the same spot. They didn’t just dunk him in a bucket of bleach and poof him up a bit.”

I know I’ve said this before at some point, but it’s been a while since I’ve touched on Hank the Brewer Dog, so let me set the record straight again – I’m a dog person. Absolutely love em, as any normal human being with a soul should. But Hank is one of the worst things that’s ever happened to the Brewers organization. Ever since he came in the picture he’s been the only thing the franchise tries to market, and they’ve been God awful since he’s been around, too. I actually have a group of friends that call it the “Hank Curse,” and I’m starting to believe it. So if the real Hank died this offseason and the Brewers actually tried to replace him, they’ve got some serious problems. First of all, you can’t just replace a dog and act like it’s the same one. As a dog person I just won’t stand for it. But as a baseball fan, the Brewers should’ve known that this was their chance to leave the whole Hank saga behind. I mean it’s getting pretty pathetic that a dog/mascot is the only reason this team is ever in national news. I’m not saying that letting Hank rest in peace will change everything for the Brewers immediately, but as long as he’s the main attraction for the entire franchise, things aren’t gonna get better. Don’t tell me otherwise.