You guys remember Claudia Sampedro? Julius Peppers’ Instagram model girlfriend that used to date Reggie Bush? Well it turns out they’re not waiting until marriage to have sexual intercourse, because she announced yesterday that there’s a bun in the oven. It’s a shame because it seemed like she had so many good years of scantily clad Instagram pictures left in the tank, but you know it’ll never really be the same after this. Obviously it’d be a smart move to unfollow her for the next 9 months, because nobody wants to see all the pregnancy timeline pictures.

For a girl that dates strictly NFL players and posts mostly naked pictures on social media, this has to pretty much be the holy grail, right? I have to assume that the ultimate goal in that game is to lock up a child support check from a future Hall of Famer, and now it’s official. I don’t mean to imply that Julius Peppers and Claudia Sampedro aren’t a classic love story between Instagram model and defensive end, but in the rare instance that they’re not together forever, she’s still sitting pretty good.