Ky6News: Comedian and actor Will Ferrell has reportedly purchased a summer home on Lake Winnebago near Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He told the magazine that he was “looking for a change of scenery and a change of lifestyle” and has apparently visited the area on more than one occasion in the past and, according to his publicist, has “fallen in love with the area”.

I’ll be honest here – I’ve been out on Will Ferrell for quite a while. His classics like Old School, Anchorman, StepBrothers etc… are still gold, but he’s had a lot more bad than good in recent memory. Some people will call that sacrilegious because he’s become such a big name, but don’t tell me Zoolander 2 and Get Hard are good movies. It’s not that he’s never been funny, but he’s been playing the same character for his whole career now, and I’m just over it.

Or at least I was over it. But if he’s gonna join us on Lake Winnebago for the summer months now, I could always change my mind. I won’t sit here and pretend Elf is the best Christmas movie ever like some of you people who have apparently never seen Home Alone or about 50 others, but I’ll call myself a Will Ferrell man as soon as he has his stuff moved in. Us Wisconsin folk gotta stick together.

Update: Sorry guys, I guess this was fake. I’m back to saying Will Ferrell isn’t funny anymore because he isn’t.