Daily Mail: Two college students prompted a major race row at the University of Wisconsin after they posed for a SnapChat while undergoing a beauty treatment. The pair, who have not been named, posted the image to the college’s Snapchat feed which led to a furious reaction. The students were blasted over their decision to pose for the image prompting calls for an investigation by college authorities. The students said they had both underwent a facial and did not realise that posting the image of them undergoing their treatment would cause offence. Chancellor Kopper accepted the students’ explanation and they will not face any disciplinary action. One of the students told WISN.com: ‘I put it on the UW SnapChat. I didn’t really think about it being blackface. I just thought it looked funny.’ The second student added: ‘There was no intention. That’s nothing that we would have thought about in the first place … we had no intentions of offending anybody or anything.’

First thing’s first with this story… The kid on the left is a dude, right? That’s gotta be a guy. So what’s he doing “undergoing a beauty treatment” in his college dorm? If anything that’s what the internet should be criticizing him for, not for posting a picture where it looks like he’s trying to be a black guy for Halloween.

That being said, I still think this is just people freaking out about race for the sake of freaking out about race. Yeah, they probably should’ve known that a few eyebrows would raise at the sight of a couple college kids wearing anything that even resembles black face, but I just don’t think they were trying to make some anti-black statement by posting a picture on the UW SnapChat story. Although the chick throwing up the deuce didn’t do them any favors. If you’re gonna post that picture, everything else about the scene has to be as white as possible to make it very obvious that you’re not imitating black people. So actually now that I think about it, I just changed my mind mid-blog. Racist.