With Wisconsin moving to Under Armour next year this is kind of a moot point, but yesterday we got our first glimpse of the Badgers’ jerseys for March Madness, so I wanted to mention it. I don’t know how Adidas managed to come up with something even worse than the stuff they rolled out for the Tournament a year ago, but they did it again. It’s like they took the same jerseys that everybody HATED and somehow made em even worse. It’s almost impressive, really. I don’t know how you could get that bad of feedback and in a full year just make a very slight change and expect people to like it. I’ve always laughed it off when people joke about Adidas making the uniforms look worse and worse because they’re salty about us leaving them, but this is the one that’s made me actually raise an eyebrow. There’s just no way that somebody whose job is to design jerseys could think that these look good.