Thank You, Bo: A Message from Frank Kaminsky

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 1.25.16 PMMy first encounter with Bo Ryan was on my first visit to Madison. I drove up to the campus with my dad early one morning to see what the school had to offer, and it was my first visit to any college campus due to the fact I was not a heavily recruited player. I had maybe one or two scholarship offers at that point from small schools in Illinois. Howard Moore met my dad and I right in front of the Kohl Center and then proceeded to take us around campus, and on a tour through the basketball facilities. Once that was finished, I walked into Coach Ryan’s office and saw him sitting there with his wife, Kelly. I shook his hand then sat down on the couch in his office and we began our meeting. He talked about the school, the basketball program, the tradition, the football team, the academics, etc… I was so nervous I could barely speak. I’m pretty sure that I didn’t say more than 10 words during the entire hour I was in there, so my dad did most of the talking (as he usually does). After that hour, I shook his hand and went to walk out of the room. That’s when I heard the most subtle, yet exciting thing I had heard to that point in my life. “Oh, just so we are clear, you have a scholarship offer from the University of Wisconsin if you want it.” I turned to my dad and asked if I could commit on the spot, and if it had not been for my mom not being there, I probably would have. Instead I waited a few weeks to play hard to get (I’m obviously kidding).

I’m gonna be completely honest – My first few years with Coach Ryan didn’t go well.  I felt like he and I didn’t see eye to eye on a lot of things. A lot of that had to do with the fact that I was too immature to see how he was becoming one of the most important figures in my development as a player, but more importantly as a man. He was harsh on me. He yelled at me, benched me, told me I looked like I was sleeping all the time, told me to just go sit down during practice, told me I wasn’t allowed to shoot unless there was 5 seconds or less on the shot clock. I didn’t realize it at the time, but what he was doing was getting the most he could out of me. It got to the point where I didn’t want to prove anything to anyone else but him. I stayed after practices and worked on my game. I shot until my arms hurt. I busted my ass in the weight room. All of it to prove to Coach Ryan that I was better than I felt he was giving me credit for.

Looking back on it, I know now that Coach Ryan knew what I was capable of becoming. I see so many different instances now that were signals of him understanding what he had in me. One time in particular was during a summer practice before my junior year. He pulled me aside and asked, “You wouldn’t leave this school early, would you?” I didn’t think anything of it at the time, and I’m not sure if he would even recall that, but it stuck out to me because I hadn’t even played a truly meaningful minute of basketball for Wisconsin at that point. I said I wouldn’t, and I meant it when I had the opportunity to leave Wisconsin a year early. It was even more evident when he told me after my junior year that if I stayed and worked hard that summer our team would take the program to a whole different level, and that I would be in consideration for National Player of the Year. He was right again.

The most important thing that Bo ever passed on to me were the lessons I learned through the game of basketball. He taught me how to work with and rely on other people when things weren’t going my way. He taught me the concept of moving on and not letting one bad thing spiral into many bad things. He taught me what it takes to achieve what I want. He taught me to be great at all the things that don’t take any skill. The fire and passion that everyone saw on the sidelines during the games was permanent in his personality. It was evident in every practice, shoot around, film session, and scouting report. He passed that approach to basketball on to me and countless other players.

Without Bo taking a chance on that tall white kid from suburban Illinois, I wouldn’t have been given the opportunity to attend the best University in the country. I wouldn’t have met some of my best friends. I wouldn’t have gone to back-to-back Final Fours. The whole complexion of my life would be completely different. I can’t imagine taking an alternate path to get to where I am right now. If not for Coach Ryan, I don’t know where I would be, but I can assure you this: It would not be any better. He took in an immature kid that very few people wanted, and in nothing short of a modern miracle, turned him into a man ready to face the future. It is impossible to count the number of people who have a story to tell about Coach Ryan. I’m only capable of telling my own, but right now I’m sure I speak for everyone. Thank you, Bo.

  • Eugene Matusevitch Reply

    Good riddance. No more brutal 47-42 “Games”. Bo single handedly set basketball back 50 years. So glad he’s gone.

    • Seth Reply

      Why the hell would you come on to an article like this and make a comment like this? If you want to make your “clever” comment find somewhere else than a Wisconsin blog and specifically a former player opening up like this! I feel sorry for you if you feel it’s a good idea to make a comment like that here. And plus, if going to back to back Final 4s and having a record like Bo did is setting basketball back then I think alot of schools would want to “set basketball back 50 years.”

      • Name (required)Lisa Varney Reply

        Agreed, Seth!!!

      • Joe Reply

        I agree Seth. I loved watching the Badgers play with Bo.

      • Name (required) Reply

        WOW fuck you.

        • Name (required) Reply

          That is to Eugene lol

      • Houston Reply

        I’m on the late show.. I never buy in with haters – give em fuel but… Geez I really want to right now! Anyway, thank you Seth. I’ll just support you instead and leave the angry dude up there ^^ alone with his vacuous basketball head. Bo is a genius of the game and I am forever grateful for the many great moments he provided to us, Badger fans. Go Bucky!

    • Drew Reply

      Lol, I guess you forgot to look at how many games he won. Don’t comment if you don’t know basketball asshole.

    • Taylor P. Reply

      Thanks douchenugget for the wasted comment.

      Thank you Frank for sharing such a wonderful post. I had the pleasure of watching Bo Ryan begin his journey into the ranks of division 1 collegiate basketball, timed perfectly with my time as a student at UW-Milwaukee. Since then, I have followed his teams with vigor.

      I think Bo is symbolic of the game of basketball at Wisconsin. I loved his style and glad that he helped shape you into the man that you are today, Frank. Together, your team provided a jolt of excitement to the state of Wisconsin and everyone it represents joy and excitement for the past many years.

    • Name (required) Reply

      Eat s&*T

    • Name (required) Reply

      Hey EUGENE u’re a moron!!!! I suppose ya think the NBA is a true sport too!

    • Jeremy Badger Reply

      Some people just don’t get it. They aren’t intelligent enough to understand there is more to the game than dunks and firing up shots. Besides the last time the Badgers had a game in the Forties was against Virginia (Bennett Ball). Obviously Eugene is thinking of the Bennett Era.

    • BadgerFans Reply

      You have no clue what your talking about. Please do us all a favor and never speak again!

    • Name (required)Ray Reply
      Eugene- are you a moron or are you drunk? I cannot believe your comment

    • Name (required)Meagan Reply

      You are a complete moron and know NOTHING about the game of basketball or what an incredible coach Bo Ryan is! Get a clue buddy!

    • Andy Reply


      You are a complete and total moron. Nothing else needs to be said.

    • Name (required) Reply

      WTF Eugene Matusevitch!!! Where were you the last 14 years? AND before Bo coached in Madison!!

    • Name (required) Reply

      stupid fucker

    • Anita Reply

      There’s one thug in every crowd waiting for puss to suck up. Pay no attention. He isn’t worthy of it. Obviously, his team was the one who scored 42 in that 47-42 contest.

    • Dirk Diggler Reply

      Spartan fan here Eugene you are what is wrong with college sports, Retarded fans that have no true appreciation for the game.

    • Ben Reply

      Frank and Bo = Winners

      Eugene = Loser

    • Terri Reply

      F U, Eugene; you tool.

    • T. Gorman Reply

      Well you are clearly an idiot with a chip on your shoulder. With that said thank to Frank for sharing and for some very exciting basketball. Secondly, thanks Bo for bringing life to basketball in a football town/state you will be missed.

    • Badgerfan Reply


    • Bailey Reply

      You are a true potato. Put your head back into the dirt.

    • Name (required) Reply

      Eugene, please don’t watch Wisconsin Basketball. We don’t need you.

    • JS Smith Reply

      Hey, Eugene. You honestly could not be a bigger idiot, and I honestly hope you someday realize it.

    • Name Frank Reply


    • Wisconsin Citizens Reply

      Duh, what a stupid comment Eugene! You ought to be ashamed. Everyone has the right to an opinion, even though some are very idiotic.

    • xmas spirit Reply


    • Ryan Reply

      Where in the right mind do you feel like you needed to say that? Bo Ryan is one of the best collegiate basketball coaches. Look at his numbers. Look at his numbers with University of Wisconsin-Platteville. Maybe you should mature yourself because someone who has the guts to say that about Bo isn’t even a true man.

    • Name (required) Shrades Reply

      Hey knucklehead, do you realize that the 2014-2015 team had the highest KenPom offensive efficiency rating ever?

    • Name (required) douche Reply

      number 1 offense in the country last year, idiot. defense is actually what did them in against duke. good insight though.

    • No Ryan's former player Reply

      You my friend are an an idiot in the purest form…probably someone who has never shot a free throw, been in a locker room, on a bus/plane to road games, experienced wins and/or loses as part of a team.
      You probably watch MSNBC or FOX and believe everything you see and/or hear too

    • Name (required) Reply

      Eugene Dumbassevitch;
      The Badgers averaged 73 points per game last year,…oh, and they won over 90% of the time last year too. Are you one of those KY fans, whose team got routed by Bo’s Badgers? Shut the F up!

    • Name (required) Reply

      I think we all know that Eugene has had some serious issues since childbirth. Hope he fines some help.

    • Name (required) Reply

      Ummm ok?

    • Name (required) Reply

      What an idiot. Wisconsin the last 2 yrs were the highest scoring teams in badger history. He put Wisconsin on the map he has been to the big dance more straight yrs than Kentucky, uconn, unc know your facts

    • Name (required) Reply

      Eugene, what have you been smoking? Bo’s teams have been averaging over 70 points a game!

    • Name (required) Reply


    • Name (required)Pissed off at Eugene Reply

      Eugene, You are a ignorant piece of garbage that should keep his comments to himself.

    • Ken Chia Reply

      Seriously. You understand the Badgers were one of the best offensive teams in the country each of their Final Four years? … Wait, apparently you don’t.

    • Name (required) Reply

      Sadly no one prepared you to be a man.

    • Brent Reply

      You obviously don’t understand the game of basketball. Please go back to your bed wetting dream!

    • Tom Deters Reply

      You might not know but that was Dick Bennet basketball witch Bo
      Assisted at Eau Claire, he also passed on to his son at Virgina another top program, I have no reason to doubt that Gard will continue with is what’s referred to as Wisconsin ball.

    • Name (required)Pat Hall Reply

      So beating Kentucky to get to the Championship game set basketball back 50 years??? Do you even watch college basketball??

    • Name (required) Reply

      Eugene, you really need to go back underneath your rock! I’m not a Badger fan, bit am a Big Ten fan and I will tell you, about is the best coach in the Big Ten. And, one of the best in all of basketball. I enjoyed this fantastic letter that Kaminsky wrote to his coach, but when I read your comment, it left a bad taste in my mouth!

    • Name (required) Reply

      Your not very intelligent are you Eugene

    • Mike Reply

      Gene, you are, quite obviously, immature, closed-minded, and unlearned in life and sports.
      Whatever team you follow, they, too, will eventually suffer the wrath of your ignorance.

    • Mike Reply

      Eugene- another worthless troll wanting to get people worked up.

    • Name (required) Reply

      You sir no little about basketball and nothing about badger basketball.

    • Name (required)Tommy Reply

      Dude, you’re an idiot. Your comment doesn’t warrant any more of a response than that. Id. Eee. It. Period.

  • Mark Daspit Reply

    Jeez Eugene, kind of harsh there. I suppose you think high scoring games with zero defense makes for a more exciting game. Fact of the matter is that Bo has 747 reasons to prove you wrong. And it’s not like a slow defensive game wasn’t Wisconsin’s style before Bo. Dick Bennett had the same reputation. I’d say.. look for more of the same. I

    As for this piece from Frank… its a nice tribute to how one mans philosophy can help mold and shape another man.

  • Paul Reply

    Eugene, you’re an idiot

  • Name (rejimquired) Reply

    Just die Eugene. That’s the name they give pedophiles

    • Mark Daspit Reply

      Hey there! I take exception to that comment given that is my grandfathers name, my dad’s name and my middle name. You want to make a retraction for that baseless comment?

      Ad hominem attacks really have no merit in a thread and you just lost any credibility with me.

      • Steven J Reply

        Boy you sure showed him

    • Name (required) Reply

      Lol best comment yet!! Can’t stop laughing, even though that’s my dad’s name too. And fuck you Eugene.

  • Name (required) Reply

    It’s so inspirational to read the “behind the scenes” story of your relationship with Coach Ryan, and the vision he had for you. Thanks for sharing, Frank. As always, ignore the people that (for some baffling reason) take time of out their day to post rude comments.

  • High School Athletic Director Reply

    Eugene obviously didn’t watch a single Badger basketball game last season. If he had, he would’ve been able to watch the most efficient offense on college basketball since they started tracking offensive efficiency in 2001. Eugene if you are going to comment on something you should probably know your facts first.

  • Pat Reply

    Eugene must have enjoyed the Yoder and Cofield eras. Winning four
    games a year in the Big 10 and playing in front of the faithful 5000
    sure brings back not- so- fond memories. I hate to denigrate Steve Yoder, but he was granted a contract extension after he took a Badger team to the NIT. Ryan proved that the NIT was the floor and not the ceiling for the Badger basketball program. 14 straight trips to the Big Dance along with the best coaching record in the conference is something to celebrate, not something to pooh-pooh. I know there are plenty of Kentucky fans who wish Bo had announced his retirement a year earlier.

  • Roger Hatlen Reply

    Eugene, you apparently have missed the past few years. Welcome back!

  • EugeneSucks Reply

    Eugene is a loser!

  • Non Bandwagon Fan Reply

    I hope I meet Eugene so I can do what every TRUE badger fan would like to do to him!

  • Throughthickandthin Reply

    Frank, please remove Eugene from this post! He is not a true Badger fan! Shame on you Eugene!

  • Name (required) Reply

    Thanks Frank!!! Bo is the GOAT!!!

  • Name (required)Jack Reply

    Coach K is widely considered the best coach in college basketball. In the last 14 years, he has had 30 McDonald All-Americans. Bo had 1. No one has even been better at making lemonade from lemons. The hall of fame has a place reserved for him.

  • Name (required) Eugene should comment less Reply

    Eugene I must have missed the long coaching career you had with the hundreds of wins you accumulated throughout your career in college basketball. It is interesting to read comments from people who have accomplished nothing in the field they chose to comment on. Are you bitter because you are a loser, lonely, sad or just a blow hard douche.

  • Kristine Ann Reply

    Thanks, Frank for a beautiful tribute to Coach Bo Ryan. We enjoyed watching you play for UW and wish you the best. As for Bo Ryan, I hope he lives a long and happy retirement.

    • Lisa Varney Reply

      Well said, Kristine!

  • Lisa Varney Reply

    The young men that played for Bo have many memories that we will never hear about. Being a former coach myself, I appreciate how Frank understood how much Bo believed in him and wanted Frank to be the best he could be. Some times, players don’t appreciate that until later…..Best wishes to Bo and Frank!!!

  • Jerry Romanowski Reply

    Thanks Frank for your open letter to Bo Ryan. A super testament to one of the greatest coaches and character builder ever. Dick Bennett laid the foundation for winning basketball at Wisconsin and Bo Ryan took the program to the upper levels of success. I like defense and strategy, so I don’t appreciate the rule changes. The NCAA is attempting to take defense and toughness out of college basketball with the freedom of movement concept.
    Thanks Frank for working so hard to develop into a great basketball player and person. Last years Badger team was great on and off the court. You guys didn’t have to cover your body with tattoos to impress society. The team captured the hearts of America with your basketball teamwork and fun loving ways. Thanks Bo and good luck to you Frank in the NBA.

  • Name (required) Reply

    Jd is fat

  • Reply

    Frank, I was looking for your reaction to the announcement. I believe you really shared with all of us what a strong experience you had with Coach Ryan! As a coach and a fan I appreciate your words and thank you for your eloquence. Very disappointed in the news of his retirement but so appreciative of what he brought to Badger basketball!

  • CW Reply

    Bo Ryan & Frank Kaminsky. Dynamic. A perfect pairing. Together they sparked what we may never see again. Tell ya what, in Sam Dekker’s words, “let’s go Gard-o!” Bo, Frank, Sam — and team, you made us all believe. Big changes are ahead, but we, as fans, are ready!

    Thank you again. What you did for us Alumni, fans, and proud supports simply cannot be put in words. Bo, you da’ man.


  • N Foelske...Badger fan for 70 yrs.Name (required) Reply

    Sometimes there are “Perfect Storms” which usually are bad for us poor humans.
    In this vein, last year was,for Wisconsin, “The Perfect Season” when everything just came together, with the perfect coach, and the team he built, some from inauspicious beginnings, to become the greatest team Wisconsin ever put on the floor. Not a couple superstars, with overblown egos, but a TEAM. From the highest ranked player, to the bench warmer, they all had something special…an attitude that came straight from Bo Ryan…of integrity and purpose, to play the best they could always, as a team. That made them America’s team in the tourney. The height of Bo’s coaching career.
    For us Badger fans….it will never be the same Bo…..have fun with your life from now on!

  • Butch Toll Reply

    I said it earlier today in a response to a friends post about the announcement of Bo Ryan’s retirement. From Platteville to Milwaukee to Madison when a Bo Ryan coached team suited up for the game they believed they could win that game. Every time. I’m sure what he helped you and your teammates accomplish will be a time frozen in the memories of many a Badger Basketball fan. Frank your sentiments echoed my comments of earlier today. I hope your career in the NBA is a long and prosperous one.

  • Name (required) Reply

    Wow. I read the first comment… That dude is facking crazy

  • Name (required)bee Reply

    Great blog post as always Frank!!

  • Craig in windy Kansas Reply

    Nice letter, too bad the first poster was such a moron and way off point. Bo did a tremendous job with all of his players and will be missed. Most importantly he taught his players the virtues opf hard work and dedication to a cause greater than themselves. As a Buckeye, I very much enjoyed watching Wisconsin basketball under his leadership. People often ask me who Ohio’s rival is, thinking I’ll say Michigan. It’s always Wisconsin for academics, athletics, and student and alumni support. Go Buckeyes, On Wisconsin!

  • Name (required) Reply

    I am a lifelong Purdue Boilermaker and I can remember back when Wisconsin was annually in the bottom tier of the conference standings, and then came Bo. Things were never the same. The man is a brilliant coach and developes players better than the majority of his peers. It was never easy to beat his teams especially at the Kohl center. Two of the pluses of watching a Wisconsin game were that you saw great “team” basketball and of course those faces that Bo would make on the sideline. Sometimes I thought he must be Jim Carrey’s dad!

  • Jose Petersonovich Reply

    Sadly Eugene never had a mentor like Bo Ryan to teach him life lessons. He’s a pathetic, little man.

  • Name (required) Reply

    Trolls gonna troll.

  • Kathie Nicholse Reply

    Thanks for speaking up, Seth. Totally inappropriate comment for this space. Thank you, Frank, for this moving post.

  • Name (required) Reply

    Hey Frank – “Shake it off, Shake it off” Bo must have done something right to get you stay for your senior year. Thank for this tribute to Bo. You are a wonderful human being Frank. Stay true to your goofy self.

  • Jon Ren Reply

    I am a Virginia basketball fan (and Tony Bennett fan as well) and can truly appreciate the intricacies of the game, both defensive and offensive. Wisconsin could never recruit the athletes that Kentucky, and now, Duke get so Bo Ryan recruited hard working players with a unified goal -to win. He even implemented more of a focus on offense when he had the players to do so. His coaching has been very impressive over the years and programs like Wisconsin (and UVA) are everything that is good about college sports, not the other way around.

  • Name (required)bob tator Reply

    Bo had to have been a milk man in his previous life, shaking and baking that cream into fine whole milk. Bo Ryan will go down as a good coach and most likely the best Wisconsin will ever have. its magoo stew, woohoo!!! now at the Wisconsin cheese party.

  • black Dan Reply

    bo first off thank you so much for allowing me to make serious money off your team the past couple of years. the throw the ball around the three point line then shoot a three with 3 seconds left is what i loved. the low scoring games payed off for me big time and i love you for it. now that your gone it will not be the same and ill miss that. your a true gamblers dream coach i made 3k off that loss to marquette and i just want to say thank you so much.

  • Name (required)Patrick McBride Reply

    364 wins, 7 Big Ten titles, more wins in the Big 10 than any coach the past 14 years – etc etc. No more one man can do in a tough place to recruit. But what Frank said is the key – he molds people. Not just his players but everyone around him. I met Coach when I took my team of 6th graders to his camp at UW Platteville where he won 4 national championships. I was reading the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People during a break. He saw me, and told me to come to his office, though he did not know me. When we went into his office, it was filled with quotes from the book on how to succeed. We talked about leadership and success, and how he integrated the 7 habits into his practices, life and family. We talked for 20 minutes before he had to go back. He is that kind of man. Thank you Coach for your effect on so many of us!

  • Reply

    Eugene where have you been in the last 14 years. Bo has been a class act repected thoughtout the coaching profession

  • Raliegh Reply

    Bo Ryan is an example of what a coach should be. Thank you Bo for every enjoyable minute.
    Eugene, go to hell

  • Name (required) Reply

    Eugene I am Sure if you where a coach. FRANKS comments would be the SAME??? YOU DUMB-ASS. .

  • Beth Reply

    Frank, what a WONDERFUL tribute to Wisconsin’s beloved coach, Bo Ryan. I’m a 58 year old mom of kids your age. When I was a little girl, I went with my parents to the UW field house to watch the Badger play basketball . . . I’ve been going ever since. In fact we now sit in my deceased parent’s season ticket spots at the Kohl Center. Your comments reflect the quality and integrity of the program, of Bo Ryan, and of course, of yourself. We love Badger Basketball in every season. We loved watching you develop and grow into who you are today. Thank you for honoring Coach Ryan with your thoughtful reflections. Besides yelling ‘Go Bucky!’ we now also yell ‘Go Hornets!’
    A long time fan

  • Paul Reply

    I’ll take great team basketball played well in all facets over the “dunk and chunk” that you see out of most programs nowadays. The heights that Bo brought this program may never be achieved again. It’s easy for a coach to take 5 or 6 McDonald’s All-Americans and win 25 games a year. But what Bo did was take young boys and turn them into a team and turn them into men.

    Eugene is probably the little boy who couldn’t make his 6th grade basketball team.

    Enjoy retirement Bo and thanks for making Wisconsin a program that residents of the state can be proud of.

  • Hugesconniefan Reply

    Piss off Eugene! What a dickface!! Thanks Bo for everything. Wisconsin Basketball is on the map because of you and other fine coaches before you. It has been a joy to watch. Frank, thank you for sharing that story and attending Wisconsin. We are all proud of you and all other athletes from our university. Go Badgers.

  • sandra ramos Reply

    thank god i agree with Eugene, bo ryan is a wrinkled up has been. like a raisin face. might as well call him mr. magoo. hell id make him his favorite mr. magoo stew. point is me and my husband hated the guy for losing so many big games. im glad hes gone he was a bad coach with 700 plus wins. thank the players bo for those 700 wins you i dont believe contributed 1 single point in any game while the head coach. im so glad not mad that that raisin is gone his face was ugly and he looked like death. thank you bo for being ugly and removing yourself from the game. my husband also made alot of money during your coaching years. so thank you wrinkly face.

  • kimberly temmerson Reply

    well said sandra i couldnt agree more bo was a ugly guy. i wanted to puke when i saw him in person last year.

  • nate gunderson Reply

    yeah coach bo was ugly but he got paid for being ugly. now he gets to wither in piece instead of in the publics eye.

  • beth contraras Reply

    guys i think bo is very unattractive too!!! ugly is a def a good word to describe him.

    • Name (required)Daryl Carrington Reply

      Beth the beaner -what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. ..Everyone in this room is now dumber for having read it.. I award you no points, and may God have mercy .on your soul

  • Mike Reply

    Thank goodness no more Eugene. Bo Ryan and Wisconsin basketball are the best thing to ever happen to this state.

  • Michael Reply

    PS: Eugene and Dr Ken suck!!!

  • Dr Ken MU grad. Reply

    I’m sure I’m not saying anything surprising to anyone when I say that Beth. Kimberly and Nate are 3 of the butt-ugliest sub-humans you would ever Not want to see. Please spare us your low-life comments.

    • Bimm Stevens Reply

      Actually, I think you’d be more correct if you said that Beth, Kimberly and Nate are ONE of the butt-ugliest sub-humans…

  • Jason Reply

    Well said, Frank. You show humility and wisdom in what you have written. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of what it is like behind the scenes for student athletes. Bo has been great for the state of Wisconsin for so many years and deserves a good send off.

  • Bob O. Reply

    Nice article Frank! Now we need to work on your appreciation for the Packers…

  • Name (required)Dean Reply

    You all just gave Eugene more attention than he has had his whole life just what he wanted! Now to the real deal thanks Bo!!!

  • Name (ron Reply

    In a time when teaching has lost its way… Bo Ryan took boys and made men… basketball was his tool, and he deserves all the accolades he gets … thanks and enjoy retirement…

  • Name (ron jones Reply

    In a time when teaching has lost its way… Bo Ryan took boys and made men… basketball was his tool, and he deserves all the accolades he gets … thanks and enjoy retirement…

  • Eugene's #1 fan Reply

    You single handedly derailed this fanbase…bravo!

  • Pubis Malroux Reply

    Did Bio talk about his love of the swinger lifestyle?

  • Pat Reply

    I wonder if the “passion and fire” that Frank says we all saw on the sidelines from Saint Bo carried over to his mistress of 40 years younger than him?

  • Bo Reply

    He was fookin around on his wife. Him and Ricky Pitino should go out for drinks.

  • Name (required) Reply

    Thanks for your heartfelt tribute to coach Ryan.
    Thanks also for relating your developement as a collegiate BB player
    and more importantly as a man.

  • Name (required)Rafe UW Reply

    For the doorknob “Eugene” who posted the comment about “47-42 games.” Guess which team was the highest scoring in the 2014 NCCA Men’s Basketball Tourney. Yeah, look it up, it was the Wisconsin Badgers!!

    At least if you are going to try to post a critical comment, make it factually accurate.

  • Name (required)Ed Reply

    Eugene you must be right handed because you are not in your right mind. Ryan has been successful at each stop in his career probably more so than you. I have never heard of any of your accomplishments. Eugene on your, “47-42 games,” comment remember this, “One point might as well be 100 when the clock is at 0:00. or you are ahead in the bottom of any inning from the ninth inning on and complete the three outs to end the game.

  • Eugene's Rectum Reply

    I sure seem to have spewed some nasty shit recently. My apologies, I have seen my proctologist and he told me to be ready because my owner will soon be sticking his head where it belongs. I have lubed in expectation.

    Frank I love your game and your letter to Bo. I didn’t pick this asshole, he picked me.

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